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Applying for Renovation Permit

Renovation Permit in Singapore

Before your renovation contractor begins work at your home premise, you are required to apply for a renovation permit from either HDB (Housing Development Board) if you are staying in a HDB flat.

You may apply to BCA (Building Construction Authority of Singapore) if you are staying at landed dwelling houses or private properties such as private apartment buildings, condominiums, cluster housing, strata-bungalows, etc. You do not have to seek renovation approval from the relevant authority for every building works. Depending on the nature of the works, some building works and additions and alteration works (A&A works) that do not have significant impact on the structure are considered minor works and may be exempted from the submission of the approval plans to BCA. You may refer here for the list of renovation permit exemptions.

However you will need to apply to BCA for the approval of plans if your building works are not exempted. You will need to engage a Qualified Person to submit building plans to the Commissioner of Building Control of BCA for approval. If your additions and alteration works involve structural works or will have impact on the structural integrity of your unit or the common structure of the building, you will also need to submit structural plans.

If your proposed additions & alteration works will affect the façade of the strata-titled building you are staying in, or will result in the increase of your gross floor area (GFA), approval from Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is required. An authorized letter from the Chairman of your Management Corporation (MC) will have to be submitted to URA indicating the MCST’s agreement and support to carry out the A&A works to your unit. This letter shall be submitted together with the proposed plans to URA for review.

As resident of a strata apartment building, condominium or cluster housing, you will need to notify the management of the building accordingly and apply for renovation permit to commence renovation works in your premise. Depending on the house rules of the condominium building you are residing at, the Management may request from your contractor a deposit to safeguard against any damages that may have caused to any common property in the course of renovation processes. Your renovation contractor shall have to carry out the works in accordance to the working hours stipulated in the house rules.

Engaging Contractors Approved by HDB in Singapore

If you are a HDB flat owner, you will have to apply to HDB if your renovation works for approval if they require approval as set out in the guideline as prescribed by HDB. Your renovation contractor will have to apply to HDB on your behalf to obtain the renovation permit. Failure to do so will result in not getting the renovation permit as the works are not authorized. If the works do not require HDB’s approval, the renovation works will have to comply with the guidelines as stipulated by HDB. You will have to log in to MyHDBPage with your SingPass to refer to the set of guidelines governing building and sanitary works here.  You will need to engage a HDB approved contractor to carry out your renovation, you may refer to the list of HDB approved contractors here.  

HDB will issue an authorising letter in approving your renovation works if the application complies with the guidelines. This letter shall be displayed on your front door during the period which the renovation works is being carried out.

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