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Animal Veterinary Clinic & Hospitals Singapore

Finding an Animal Veterinary Clinic in Singapore

As of late, like many Asian developed cities, animal activism is on the rise in Singapore; animal & pet care awareness has also been raised in Singapore’s society today as more pet owners and animal activists observe and are getting concerned over the increasing pet abandonment and animal abuse issues.

Faced with pet abandonment and strays issues on the rise, the responsibilities of owning a pet has been widely advocated in Singapore through various forms of media. It is not uncommon to come across articles and tv advertisements advocating on pet care, adoption, pet ownership, lifetime commitment and health & environmental problems that affect the well-being of a pet or an animal in newspapers, magazines, and the sharing of such information relating to pet responsibilities on social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter.

While there are not many animal veterinarians in Singapore to choose from, locating an animal vet clinic in Singapore is still rather convenient. Both veterinary hospitals are mostly located in central Singapore while many animal clinics are conveniently located in various parts of Singapore, some of which are on 24-hours service daily:

Central East West
Companion Animal Surgery (24 hours daily)

12 Boon Teck Road #01-04/05
Shaw Corner Singapore 329586
Tel: 6255 7950/ 9633 3054/ 6356 8387
Allpets & Aqualife Clinic

219 Jalan Kayu #01-01
Singapore 799442Tel: 6481 3700
Vet Practice

106 Jalan Jurong Kechil
Singapore 598604
Tel: 64621757/ 6462 1541
Blk 31 Holland Close
#01- 219 Singapore 270031
Tel: 6778 5285/ 6778 5286
Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre

2 Jalan Gelenggang
Singapore 578187 Tel: 6250 8333
Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Bedok)

Blk 158 Bedok South Ave 3#01-577 Singapore 460158 Tel: 6444 3561
Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre

Blk 105 Clementi Street 12 #01-18
Tel: 6776 8858
Blk 113 Bukit Merah View #01-520
Tel: 6271 1132
James Tan Veterinary Centre
230 Whitley Road
Singapore 297823
Tel: 6250 7168
Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre (Changi)

969A Upper Changi Road NorthSingapore 507667
Tel: 6546 0166
Island Veterinary Clinic

Blk 114 Jurong East Street 13
#01-404 Singapore 600114
Tel: 6560 5991
Namly Animal Clinic

74 Namly Place
Singapore 267223
Tel: 6469 4744
The Animal Ark (Tampines)

139 Tampines Street 13
Singapore 521139
Tel: 6786 4506
Point Veterinary Surgery

Blk 541 Jurong West Ave1
Singapore 640541
Tel: 6425 6772

Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital Singapore

Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre or better known as Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital has shifted its veterinary centre to 2 Jalan Gelenggang Singapore 578187 since June 2013, while its former address at 232 Whitley Road (off Pan Island Expressway, Exit 19) continues to operate its basic veterinary care and facilities. Headed by one of the most experienced and Senior Veterinarian, Dr Anthony Goh and his team, they remain one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable animal veterinarians advocating and practicing various aspects of veterinary medicine in Singapore.

Aside from equipping with hospital facilities, Mount Pleasant veterinary Centre also provides general animal and pet services like other smaller animal veterinary clinic, through an extensive range of general veterinary services like vaccination for your dog, microchip implantation for dogs, soft tissue surgeries, dental services including scaling your dog’s teeth, vaccine and immunization for rabies, certification for the export of pets and dogs, sterilization services such as spaying and neutering, health screening and general consultation with the vets and doctors on duty. While not engaged in consultation with patients or on appointments at the outpatient clinic, the animal doctors perform surgeries on other animal patients who have been admitted and staying in the hospital.

Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre has up to four consultation rooms at any one time, one of which is an in-house laboratory with a few veterinarian nurses on standby, assisting the vet doctors in the testing and running of analysis of blood smear, stools & urine and skin scrapings, etc. The laboratory is also the place where the nurses carry out vaccinations, blood withdrawals, and the general cleaning of affected parts of the pet & the dressing of wounds to the animals. The nurses are also known as trained laboratory technicians and have experiences working in human hospitals before. The animal ward is located behind the laboratory, where clean cages are placed to house each pet during their stay there. Hospital admissions are fairly easy and straightforward; the pet owner will have to fill up an admission form and ensure that his or her pet is free from any drug allergies. If there is drug allergy or any historical data the vet or surgeon needs to be aware of, such information has to be provided for in the form. You will have to weigh your pet prior to admission and the weight has to be recorded down in the form as well. Personal belongings are often discouraged as the animal pet hospital will not be responsible for any pet’s belongings should they be misplaced. The visiting hours are 1 – 2pm & 5 – 7pm from Mondays to Fridays, and 1 – 2pm & 4 – 6pm on Saturdays & Sundays.

The usual operating hours are: 9:30am – 12:30pm, 2:00pm – 4:30pm, 6:30pm – 8:30pm on Mondays to Fridays | 9:30am – 12:30pm & 2:00pm – 4:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Animal Veterinary Hospitals in Singapore

This branch, like most animal veterinary hospitals in Singapore, also offers referral services for hospital examination facilities such as ultrasound, radiography, chemotherapy, endoscopy, as well as advanced biopsy & radiological procedures for the examination of bones, marrows, and myelogram, epidurogram, excretory urography, retrograde cystography, etc respectively. Apart from X-ray facilities in this veterinary centre, they also provide referrals for the animals for MRI scanning to determine ligament, tendon & spinal cord injuries as well as tumor related medical conditions.

Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre is also a veterinary hospital that provides 24 hour hotline assistance in answering queries relating to your pet’s current stay at the animal hospital. The nurse on duty during the night hours will be doing his or her rounds in checking your pet and update you should there be a need to.

Veterinary Animal Clinic in Singapore

Although an animal vet clinic operates on a smaller scale and offers outpatient clinic services, all of them have the basic general animal care and emergency facilities and services in place. Most of them have pet’s visits as records and are prompt in sending reminders following up with annual injections and physical checkups and also checks for heartworm, corona virus, rabies, FE leukemia, etc. These animal vet clinics usually provide 24 hour emergency contacts, and will either send a 24 hr vet on duty or refer you to a 24 hour animal hospital like Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre, Companion Animal Surgery or James Tan Veterinary Centre. In some cases, pet owners may want to call for an ambulance service or pet taxis to pick up the sick pet and send it to the nearest 24 hour animal hospital or veterinary available.

Pet Ambulance & Transportation Services

Pets Tales | 46 Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419504 | Tel: 6748 3008

Ricted Kennels | T81 Seletar West Farmway 5, Singapore 798061 | Tel: 6338 7665

Robert Pet Salon | 7 Saudara Ku, Singapore 457444 | Tel: 6241 2001

The Pet Hotel | 20 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, Singapore 519317 | Tel: 6582 2222

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