Pop Art, Abstract Art, Chinese & Famous Oil Canvas Paintings Singapore Guide

We work with teams of artists in producing various oil paintings on canvas of different genres and art styles for our customers in Singapore. Unlike digital prints and photos, our art pieces are all hand-crafted by experienced artists who painstakingly paint every one of the master pieces by hand to give customers not only unparalleled texture and feel but also the refractive visual appreciation.

Buy Affordable Paintings in Singapore: Canvas Artwork in various Art Styles

The value of art is after all, worthy of its weight in gold and the price of art is not always affordable by and large. With our affordable oil painting prices, customers can now own budget-friendly art paintings in their homes, and hotels, offices and hospitals can now order in bulk in decorating their rooms without having to set aside hefty budgets for adornments alone. Canvas paintings and artworks can also be part of interior design renovation packages.

Pop Art Paintings

Pop art culture evolved in the 1950s. Unlike traditional art, pop art paintings are modern pieces that are usually driven by popular cult favourites of icons, fashion, notable figures, comics and even advertisements. They are usually made up of clear forms with visible strokes of silhouettes and as the name of the art style aptly suggests, the subject of pop art paintings often deliver ‘pops’ of colors and there is never a dull moment with them displaying in your room.

Abstract Art Paintings

Abstract art paintings are one the most popular art styles due to their illusionary effects of visual forms and perspectives. It is the absence of clear definitions and the obscurity of the subjects that people find alluring in an artsy way.

Art Deco Paintings

Art deco style of paintings developed from the 1920s through 1940s when art embodies industrialization and technology. They mostly involve figures, motifs and geometric forms with bolder colors and stronger contrast in hues. Because of this eclecticism, art deco paintings are popular with entertainment establishments such as lounges, restaurants or bars.

Contemporary Art Paintings

Contemporary art paintings are for those who love living with the present time. They are not so much of a particular art style but rather, they involve imagery and subjects that are current in time. Contemporary art covers a wide variety of subjects; from scenes to animals to portraits to flowers, etc. They can be abstract or non-abstract. They are however characterized by modern themes.

Modern Art Paintings

Modern art paintings are often confused with contemporary art paintings as most relate modern art with present times. In modern art, the artworks were first produced in the era of the 1860s and lasted through almost a century. As modern art proliferated from experimentation with new perspectives, abstractism is often seen.

Chinese Paintings

Chinese Paintings make very elegant pieces even in contemporary designed interiors. Chinese paintings can be in the form of calligraphy or landscape paintings or both in very refined brushstrokes. Our artists are trained in natural landscape drawings comprising hillsides, paddy fields, waterfalls, riverbanks, willow trees, bamboo plantations, pagodas, sparrows, peonies and more. They are generally more relaxing to look at as they involve the viewer with nature and serenity.

Famous Oil Paintings

The artists also do reproductions of oil paintings by famous artists and painters such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, etc.

Custom Paintings of different Art Subjects

We also do customized artwork for customers who prefer unique art pieces or personal portraits to have their special moments captured or as personal collection.

Simply send us a photo or a picture for reference and we can paint those for you.

Still Life Drawings, Landscape, Portrait, Flower Paintings Ready Stock

Ex-stock of still life drawings, landscape paintings, portraits, flower paintings, etc are all available for sale.

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