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Interior Design Services in Singapore

Interior Design for Home in Singapore

While the competition among the Singapore interior design service industry is stiff, you can still find most interior designing companies and renovation contractors who are willing to have your requests tailor-made and enjoy their versatile and creative services.

Most of them can do both partial as well as full renovation to the whole house or unit, and have customized renovation packages to suit every home owner’s needs. If you wish to only renovate the kitchen and the two bathrooms in the house or flat, they will have ready packages for this particular purpose.

As with the demand for one-stop solutions in this fast paced city, more designers are accepting turnkey projects. By offering turnkey project management services, interior design firms works and collaborate with sub-contractors in offering clients more than just design advisory services today.

Interior Design Consultancy Service

When you decide to engage the service of an interior designer or consultant in Singapore, the typical work scope will first have to start off with the design consultancy process where the assigned interior designer of the company will have to sit down with you, the customer, to discuss on the design concept and the way forward after establishing the style of your choice. Such discussions can be done in the designer’s firm or the customer’s home itself with the aid of photos, pictures and magazines, as well as portfolios of the designing company in explaining to the customer on the design details as well as inspiring them through showing the finished looks of the various designs.

Design Development & Conceptualization

The designer will usually request from the home owner a copy of the floor plan of the house or flat, and proceed to discuss over this floor plan, by means of sketches in developing design ideas in drawing a planar view seen from above (bird’s eye view) for easy understanding of the design concept at one glance of the layout. You may retrieve your floor plan from the sales brochure at the time you bought the flat or apartment unit. If you have misplace it, you may also purchase it from HDB Centre (Sale of Plan counter) or any HDB branch office at $5 a copy. Such sketches at the initial stage can include deciding where the feature walls or accent walls are, identifying the walls for built-in construction purposes, laying out of furniture so as to gauge spaciousness, and even to the extent of deciding where to install lighting fittings and electrical points. Measurements will also be taken for the precision of designing the layout and ergonomics around the house.

Site Assessment

The designer, together with his renovation contractor, will have to ascertain the structure of your walls, floors, columns and beams in determining if they are sound for demolition and if they are safe enough to withstand drilling or any impact that may be imposed in the course of renovation. Observation will also be made in studying how your existing sanitary pipes, sewage drainage system & air-conditioning works run in the house. Any false ceilings, cornices or box-ups, false columns will then have to cater for panels that allow for access or maintenance.

3D Digital Perspectives Artists Impression Drawings

When the proposal of general concept and design style is more or less accepted by the client, subsequent discussions are then supported by colour charts, material samples or mood boards in demonstrating the co-ordination of wall colours or treatment combinations, fabrics for soft furnishings and furniture upholstery such as custom-made sofas, chairs or curtains. Some of the more sophisticated designers will use an interior drafting software to generate 3D perspective drawings taken from various angles and rooms of the house, with the selected materials and choice of colours digitally imposed to the drawings for a more realistic artist’s impression of the intended design and feel for the customer’s reference.

Design Specifications for Construction & Fabrication

The designer will now need to get down to the specification drawings. This set of specifications are necessary as guidelines for the contractor to fabricate and construct any cabinetry, carpentry, wood works, metal works, custom-made furniture, soft furnishings, etc based on the dimensions the designer has specified. If you choose to customize your furniture or furnishings such as curtains, blinds, cushions, carpets and rugs, the designer has to ensure that the correct material in sufficient quantity is supplied for the fabricator.

Installation & Defects Liability Period (DLP)

Finally, the materials are either assembled on-site or in advance in the workshop or factory, ready to be installed at the client’s premises. Most contractors give a defect liability period (DLP) of about a month for the customers to feedback on any defects resulting from their workmanship. The workmen will then come back to rectify the defects within this DLP. Defects found upon the expiry of DLP can either be handled by another repair service provider or the same contractor, however at a chargeable rate.

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