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Refinishing Hardwood Floors

How to Refinish Parquet Hardwood Floors

Preparation works prior to refinishing wooden flooring will produce best results. This applies to hardwood flooring that has previously been varnished, lacquered or waxed, they have to be removed with warm, mild soap water before sanding it down. Assess the existing condition of your hardwood floors if it is in good condition or has already been roughen over time. If the condition is well maintained, you will just need to scrub the wood surface finishes and apply some light sanding before paint over. However if the condition is rough and course in texture, then you may need to use or hire a sanding machine to buff the wood flooring further. This process may create dust and sand particles flying around the house, so you may just want to wrap and seal your furniture and fittings to protect them from the sandblasting on them.

Sand the wooden flooring by going mildly diagonally across the floor strips before adding on a little pressure when changing sanding direction that runs parallel to the floor board strips. Use an edge sander to sand the floorboard edges towards the end or at corners a drum sander tend to miss. Protect architraves and skirting from sand blasts, dusts and scratches by taping cardboard over them.

After sanding, be sure to vacuum the hardwood floor and not sweep. Sweeping the sand dust may just return them back to the floor edges and floor strip gaps. After vacuuming off the dust, wipe the floor with a clean cloth and turpentine to rid of any grease and also have an antiseptic cleansing effect to the wood floor, making it ready for refinishing.

Next, you may pick your choice of refinish coating. Several refinishes on hardwood floors include floor paint, varnish, lacquer, wood stains, wood bleaching, pickling or wax. For wood staining, you may finish it by coating a layer of non-yellowing polyurethane wood seal to give it either a gloss, semi-gloss or satin surface.

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