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Foreign Domestic Workers Salary

Foreign Domestic Workers Minimum Wages To Be Reviewed

The salaries (wages) of foreign domestic workers in Singapore from the Philippines and Indonesia will soon be reviewed in February 2015. This is due to the likelihood of a 20% lower quota imposed on the number of maids coming to Singapore by the Philippines government, as well as the Indonesia government’s effort in raising the monthly salaries of Indonesian maids to be at least S$500 compared to S$450 a month previously.

Currently the number of domestic workers in Singapore is estimated to be comprising 70,000 Filipinos and 125,000 Indonesians.

Singapore Foreign Domestic Workers Agency May Face Restrictions

Singapore maids agencies may face ban by the Indonesian government from hiring foreign domestic workers if their wages fall below S$500 monthly. The Indonesian government is also rolling out a new policy to bring down the fees paid to maid agencies by the domestic workers when they get jobs from their recruiting agents.

These measures are likely to drive up the costs of hiring foreign domestic helpers in Singapore because the demand for maids in Singapore households is constantly high. The current fee a Singapore employer pays the agency to hire a domestic worker can be as high as S$2,000.

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