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Engineered Hardwood Flooring

What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

‘Engineered’ wood floors refer to floorings that comprises two or more real timber layers, with a 3mm hardwood veneer applied over a softwood or plywood base in a plank or block used for flooring. Engineered floors are usually formed by a top decorative wood of varying thickness, over a cheaper, concealed wood base. For the more expensive engineered flooring, sometimes the basewood can also be of hardwood. Because the layers of timber have multiple strengths running in different directions underneath, it gives extreme stability and is preferred over solid wood in the construction of basements or conservatories where constancy of the environment is required. This kind of flooring is very stable and will not warp when used over underfloor heating in cold climates. Engineered boards can also be fitted over any type of existing floor surfaces, such as tiled or concrete as long as the surface is flat.

Engineered hardwood floors is also easy to install; they come in click system, where the planks can be simply snapped together without the use of glue or nails. Because of the tough veneer overlay on top, engineered floors are rather scratch resistant to everyday wear and tear.

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