Arcade Games in Singapore

There are still many arcade games in Singapore that you can indulge during your leisure time even though the scale of which the arcade gaming centres are seen sprawling here seems nothing compared to those multi-level amusement and entertainment centres in Japan, Korea and China, there are several physical gaming sites around Singapore that are entertaining enough to feed your gaming addiction or simply to pass your time.

The biggest chain of game arcades in Singapore can be seen occupying high-traffic areas of shopping malls. The better known gaming arcades are Virtualand, Zone X, The Star Factory and Timezone. Then there are integrated recreational centres that not only have a section dedicated to game machines, but other leisure facilities for sports play and relaxation, such as bowling alleys, billiard, pool and snooker salons like Super Funworld (arcade games section) better known for its location at downtown Marina Square shopping mall.

Arcade Game Machines

The arcade game machines come in a wide variety from adrenalizing ones to just leisurely fun ones. The machine that is most talked about of late is a fishing game that is loved by all ages. This machine features physical fishing rods that allow the players to hook and catch the ‘fishes’ with virtual fishing lines. The sense of the whole fishing game experience gets so real and addictive due to the actual vibrations one could feel from the fishing rod when the fish got caught and struggles. The thrill adds on when the players compete against one another to catch the most number of fishes.

Apart from the usual car racing, zombie-shooting, basketball and dancing machine games, there are also movie themed arcade gaming machines such as the Jurassic Park and Star Wars simulated battle rides that you don’t need to go all the way to the Universal Studios for.

For a less stressful but equally fulfilling experience, you may gather a friend or two to take some cute sticker snapshots at one of those fancy Japanese-style photo booths to mark a day of fun together.