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Car Leasing and Hire in Singapore

Singapore is a small city and albeit the fact that many tourists like to explore the island using Singapore’s efficient public transport, there are still many who would rather drive around the city for ultimate convenience and freedom. After all, compared to many urban cities, to lease a car in Singapore is relatively inexpensive; considering parking charges in most parts of the country usually go by the hour, and petrol or fuel charges are not over the top either due to competition.

Land scarcity driving land prices high is an issue here, which explains why most drivers here prefer smaller cars due to the constraint in parking lots spaces. Drivers here do not have the luxury to speed much on the highways or expressways. The maximum number of lanes on expressways is four lanes, and they are often packed with traffic, especially during peak periods. It is easy to understand why economical cars and auto gear cars are preferred choices here, as most go for fuel efficient or smaller cc vehicles owing to the nature of the everyday traffic condition. As such, smaller cars are more popular, and car rental companies have to acknowledge that car hiring charges have to be proportionate to the capacity of the cars they lease to customers.

Why lease a car and not buy?

The costs of car ownership are high in Singapore. Apart from high road taxes, car insurances premiums, servicing, maintenance, etc, vehicle ownership is also governed by a bidding system through an official government agency, the Land Transport Authority (LTA), driving car prices at rocket-high prices. Because of this measure in place to curb the car population on the roads, many Singaporeans found it difficult to afford buying and owning cars; many of which turned to long term leasing of cars in Singapore, where packages include workshop servicing, repairing, insurance for vehicle as well as third party theft & fire, regular maintenance, road tax, radio licences, faster turnaround time due to instant replacement of vehicle in the event of breakdown or accidents, and even surcharges when travelling to Malaysia. All these on top of saving the worry from personal risks and the downside of investment caused by depreciating value of the car that affects the scrap value returns after 10 years of owning one. If you hire a car here, the car rental company will bear all these risks and losses.

Where to Rent a car in Singapore | Car Hire and Leasing Companies in Singapore

There are many car leasing and hiring companies in Singapore. However, be sure to choose a bona fide one, that only leases cars and vehicles that are registered legally with LTA for leasing or renting purpose. There are many car rental companies that offer a wide range of car services as well as a good range of vehicles and cars for the lessors to choose from. These establishments not only offer you a car for hire, they also sell and buy them. Some even provide financing services through the offer of car loans to car buyers for refinancing purpose. While smaller and mini cars are preferred in Singapore due to the road and parking conditions, a wide range of vehicle choices is still available. Both parallel imported models as well as models brought in by authorized agents include a good selection of saloon cars, sedans, 7-seaters, 6-seaters MPVs, SUVs, minis, mini-vans in both auto & manual gears are not difficult to find.

How to Rent a car in Singapore? What does it take to hire a car in Singapore?

It is the same as in anywhere in the world! By simply a few clicks online!

There is no better way than to start searching for a car for hire online. You can compare car rental rates, technical specifications & car models, view photos of the vehicles, select your requirements, pick up and return locations from the airport, near MRT train stations or other several spots in major commercial areas.

Choose the perfect Car for Hire & Lease now and secure your bookings all in just a few clicks!

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